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Nine Huts

The nine mountain huts attached to SUSTAINHUTS are located in Spain (5), Slovenia (2) and Italy (1). The Spanish ones belongs to FAM and they are: Lizara (1540 m), Bachimaña (2200 m), Estós (1890 m), La Renclusa (2140 m) and the recently inaugurated (July 2016) Cap de Llauset (2450 m). In addition to them, the project includes: the Italian hut of Rifugio di Torino (3375 m) and two Slovenian, Pogačnikov dom (2050 m) and Kocbekov dom (1808 m). Initially, a Romanian hut, Doftana Valley (800 m), was included in the Project but it dropped out it arguing technical problems.

La Renclusa Hut

La Renclusa

La Renclusa hut is located at an altitude of 2140m, in the Benasque valley, at…

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Estos Hut


The Estós hut is located at an altitude of 1890 m, in the heart of…

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lizara hut


The Lizara hut, inaugurated on June 22, 2003, is located at the end of the…

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Bachimana Hut


The Bachimaña hut is located in the Alto Gallego region, at an altitude of 2200m,…

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Cap de Llauset Hut

Cap de Llauset

The Cap de Llauset hut is located in the Ribagorza region, in the Maladeta massif,…

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Refugio de Torino

The Torino Hut is a high mountain hut in the Alps in north western Italy. Located near the border with France, it is about…

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Pogacnikov hut

Pogačnikov Dom

The Pogačnikov hut is perched on a small hilltop (2050 m) on the lower edge…

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Kocbekov hut

Kocbekov Dom

Kocbekov hut is standing on the western edge of a big, completely horizontal alpine meadow, called Korošica,…

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Doftana Valley

Rumanian demo-site involves a mountain hut placed in Doftana Valley, Mountain Paltinu, Carpathian Mountain at…

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