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University of Brasov dropped out SustainHuts Project

Transilvania University of Brasov (TUB), Romanian partner of SUSTAINHUTS, has requested LIFE programme to drop out the Project due to the difficulty of implementing the technology which was expected at the beginning of the project. This withdrawal will not entail changes in the general goals, opening the door to the incorporation of a new partner.

Some months ago, Transilvania University of Brasov notified to the project partners its withdrawal due to its inability of achieves the goals expected for Doftana Valley hut. The main reason is the enormous difficulty for obtaining national permits in relation to the implementation of a prototype hydro turbine in Doftana location. This process could go on for several years and the success of it is not guaranteed, so it would involve the unfulfilment of the goal expected by LIFE programme.

After the official communication, alternative technologies were considered to be implemented in the hut, replacing the hydro prototype by other type of generation, but the main line of research of the Romain University was the hydroelectric generation, which made it impossible to find any other solution.

The withdrawal of Transilvania University of Brasov will not entail any modification in the general goals of the Project, although the incorporation of a new partner is expected, keeping four countries involved in the Project. Meanwhile, a temporary distribution of the tasks led by the Romanian partner has been made, guaranteeing the expected progress of the Project.

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