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Ibones de Bachimaña Hut, the LIFE SUSTAINHUTS experience at an altitude of 2,200 m.

The Ibones de Bachimaña hut is located in front of a whole series of cirques of glacial origin, now occupied at their base by a large number of ibones, such as those of Gramatuero, those of Pezico and the well-known Ibones Azules. It is also crowned by an impressive range of peaks and ridges of great beauty: such as the Infiernos, the Gran Facha or the Garmo Negro and Argualas.

Managed by the Aragonese Mountain Federation (FAM), it is visited by numerous visitors every year, as it is located on the route of the GR11, the Trans-Pyrenean Path. It also forms part of the interesting circular route to the Gran Facha peak. An exceptional enclave, 2 hours on foot from the Panticosa Spa, which receives visitors at any time of the year.

Its facilities can accommodate up to 80 people. LIFE SustainHuts contributes to the energy efficiency of the refuge so that its guests are comfortable and get the rest they need before setting off.

How does it achieve this? Thanks to the renewable energies installed there:


The Bachimaña refuge has a certain surplus of energy for a large part of the year (10-11 months) thanks to a 30 kW hydroelectric turbine located at the outlet of a nearby reservoir, and as its usual consumption is much lower, there is a surplus of this resource. Even so, the thermal consumption of the refuge (heating and hot water) was until recently provided by a diesel boiler. This action, the electrification, has consisted of introducing an electric boiler and two accumulators to produce hot water by taking direct advantage of the renewable energy of the hydraulic turbine, in such a way that diesel is not consumed to produce hot water.


As mentioned above, the refuge has sufficient renewable energy production for most of the year (10-11 months), except for one period of the year when the reservoir does not have enough water to generate energy as it is emptied in spring to receive water from the thaw. During this period it is necessary to resort to the use of diesel generators, which causes pollution and noise; and additionally, transporting this consumable by helicopter produces more pollution. As a solution, the LIFE SUSTAINHUTS project proposes the trial and testing of innovative seasonal energy storage equipment using hydrogen. Taking into account that batteries are a more focused energy storage for short periods of time (day-night), hydrogen will be produced and stored during the months with excess energy and consumed in those periods when there is no renewable production, being hydrogen therefore a form of seasonal storage of renewable energy.

In addition, the efficiency of the thermal insulation has been improved for greater comfort. Therefore, a thermoprotective paint was applied in such a way as to improve the insulation against dampness and the thermal insulation of the wall thanks to its completely innovative design.

We encourage you to discover more about this sustainable shelter, if you want more information about reservations you can contact here.


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