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Kocbekov Hut: An Inventory of Energy Production and Consumption in Slovenian Hut

The upgrade of a system for power and heat generation in Kocbekov hut employing only renewables is not possible without a current state identification.

Kocbekov Dom
Kocbekov hut is standing on the western edge of a big, completely horizontal alpine meadow, called Korošica, at 1808 m of altitude.

Members of Laboratory for Heat and Power from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (UL) accompanied by owners of the huts and a member of Slovenian Mountaineering Society took advantage of 3 beautiful summer days and visited 3 Slovenian huts in the Alps.

It was required some effort that we came to each of the huts.

We had needed some rest and refreshment before we finally started with actions of energy production and consumption determination.

Kocbekov Hut’s Kitchen

Each hut was inspected in detail. Firstly we counted all electric power consumers like lights, cash register, telephone, kitchen appliances etc.

We found out the rated power consumption and the regime of operation and use. Afterward, the current installation of photovoltaic panels, batteries, diesel generator, converters and controllers were inspected.

It was also important to observe capabilities and operating regimes of components. Furthermore, heat sources like firewood stoves and gas boilers were

Diesel Generator used in the Kocbekov Hut

identified. In heat loss manner, we measured also the thickness and layer construction of the walls.


After those activities, we needed to come down from the mountains and thus enjoyable and beneficial hiking was finished.

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