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SustainHuts participates in a LIFE symposium in Madrid

Members of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation, Spanish partners of the SustainHuts project, participated on April 25 at the symposium on LIFE projects related to adaptation to climate change, where they shared experiences with other similar programs applied in the Spanish territory. One of the main objectives of the LIFE projects is the reproducibility in other parts of Europe of the

results obtained and the methodologies developed, so that the interaction between groups and projects becomes essential in order to share achievements, difficulties and future expectations. In this way, members of the Hydrogen Aragon Foundation, representing the LIFE SustainHuts project to improve sustainability in mountain refuges, participated in the LIFE event organized for projects related to climate change adaptation in different parts of Spain and Europe. . During the meeting, the improvements introduced in the Pyrenean refuges were presented, as well as the achievements made for the future reproducibility of the project. The event, held last Thursday, April 25, was organized by the Biodiversity Foundation at its headquarters in Madrid and was attended by 21 LIFE projects of different themes, all of them related to adaptation to climate change.

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