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The Project Officer of SustainHuts visits Lizara hut

Darek Urbaniak, the Project Officer of SustainHuts, visited the last Friday May 27th the Lizara hut in order to verify the progress of the project. During the visit and the later meeting, goals achieved, difficulties found and future steps to achieve remaining targets were discussed.

Members of Aragonese Mountaineering Federation, Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, and NEEMO and EASME agencies in charge of the progress control of LIFE projects visited the Lizara hut, which currently has all the technologies implemented and is in monitoring period. The day started with a visit to the facilities of the hut so as to explain the operation and maintenance protocol of the hut after the implementation of the technologies, and continued with a meeting to comment and discuss the current progress of the project, checking the main goals achieved and the challenges which will be faced soon.

SustainHuts project is currently in its third year of the four expected, in which all the technologies will be installed in the huts, work which will be carried out taking advantage of the good weather conditions during the summer. The visit was useful in order to show the methodologies developed for the sustainability improvement in the huts and how the first results show the fulfilment of the expected goals in Lizara and other huts. In addition, the short-term monitoring and dissemination actions, in which efforts will be focused on during the last year, were discussed too.

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